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Looking for the right dog to join your household is quite a challenge with so many different possible breeds. Decision making can be quite daunting. Today, there is the Internet with ‘find the right dog’ quizzes and questionnaires to provide a starting point. But just like buying a pair of shoes online, until you try them you just don’t know. Finding out as much as you can about the breeds is essential and we always advise seeing the breed, talking to owners before you make that important choice.

Just a little about the Aussie

Aussies are not one of the big breeds, although many of us think they have the approach to life of a larger dog. As you can see even when young they have this confidence. There are no specific health issues and Aussies can and do live into their teens. Currently, the oldest is 18 years. The dogs like to be around family and enjoy the company of other dogs and pets.

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