More time with an Aussie!

Do they really come from Australia?  

Yes they do…Bred in the 1880s from various breeds imported by the settlers. The Aussie was evolved to suit life in the challenging world of Australia. They wanted a healthy, versatile dog able to cope with the day to day needs of 19th Century Australia

What were they used for?

The Aussie was used on the farms dealing with vermin, which did include snakes; protecting the sheep, guarding possessions, escorting children to school and famously working with drovers where they helped move livestock.   People tell of when the Aussie was tired it would leap on to the horse’s back and then lie on the riders shoulder. The. Best vantage point going. There are even stories of companion Aussies with the gold miners.

How did the Aussies get to Europe?

The first record is 1896, so they have been in the UK for a long time. When people turned to the UK they brought with them their Aussies. The breed become popular with family and friends and now can be found in Europe, Africa, Asia, the Americas as well as Australasia

Are there many Aussies in Europe, I have never seen one?

Not as many as some breeds. Getting the dogs to Europe was an expensive business as well as complicated with quarantine etc.  However, there is a dedicated band of enthusiasts worldwide, who have worked hard to maintain the breed and its qualities. Today, the true characteristics of the breed still exist which means everyone can still enjoy owning an Aussie as it was bred to be.

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