Living with an Aussie!

How long do Aussies live?  

When considering any breed it is important to remember that many breeds are long-lived. Aussies being one of them. The oldest at the moment is 18 years old, but most Aussies live into their teens, so by choosing an Aussie you are getting many years of companionship.

Are they OK with other dogs and cats?  

On the basis that a picture is better than a thousand words, here are just some of the many Aussies around the world living with dogs and cats. Aussies do seem to benefit from companionship of people and dogs and cat

Are they easy to train?  

Aussies are a very responsive breed. There are many involved in obedience, agility, rally, dog shows and although you may be reading this and thinking – I don’t want to do that. Quite simply, if the dogs are great at these activities they will be willing to please you and be good family members.

What do they eat?

The breeder will give you guidelines for feeding your pup and advice as it matures. They are not fussy eaters and tend to have very wide tastes, which does include fruit and vegetables

How much grooming do they need?  

These are comparatively easy to groom. They do not need regular visits to groomers for clipping or stripping. Their coats grow steadily and regular brushing and combing and small amount of tidying is the general maintenance. Most breeders will advise on the specifics and will often offer a 6 or 12 month tidy up

What do Aussie owners tell us?  

‘You always smile when you have an Aussie, they are such happy dogs.’    “You are never alone when you have an Aussie, they like to share everything that you do’    ‘Dog walking is such a pleasure with my Aussie. Everyone stops to talk to him and I have made so many new friends.’    ‘The breeder was right, they are not a glamorous breed, but they have so much personality.’    ‘They are easy to take everywhere with us. We used to have bigger dogs but we are converted to the Aussie

Are they good with children?

Many people buy Aussies to be part of a household and to be a child’s first dog. Over the years many Aussies have lived successfully and have entertained the children with their football skills, joining in sports, watching TV and advising on computer games as well as enjoying all the family activities. As with any dogs the family does need to understand the requirements of the dog as well.

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